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Badly Drawn Boy.

last night i went and watched badly drawn boy perform.

he was on stage for nearly three hours. my god. three fucking hours. there aren't many performers who will go up there and perform for that much time, but he did. what was surprising, is that about an hour into it was when he hit his stride. the first hour was a bit touchy: the band didn't feel settled, cough (badly drawn boy) didn't feel that way either, there were a couple of songs he stopped and started with (though this gave the whole thing, oddly enough, a more intimate atmosphere), and there was an annoying heckler in front of me. (why would you go to a gig of someone you like to heckle?)

but after that hour there was a ten minute break, and then badly drawn boy returned and played for two hours. and he played well.

he also smashed a dodgy guitar. it was apparently his first. i was hoping to get it so i could sell it on ebay, but no such luck. (still, you should have a look for it on ebay. it's taped together with electrical tape.)

just before i began writing this, someone said to me that one of their friends complained that badly drawn boy was a bit on the talking side, telling anecdotes and so forth. he did, but they worked into his music, and it aided the more intimate atmosphere, which i figure was their reason. (plus, i like a musician who isn't afraid to perform to the audience in more than just music.) but, it should be said that, in the space of three hours, one should not think that the show became a campfire sit down with everyone telling stories. it was music.

and it was three hours worth, and my personal favourite of the evening was 'disillusion'. but really, anything out of that last two hours is worth your time.

(i want to also point out that even though he blew a fuse, and had some dodgy equipment, badly drawn boy, while having the shits with it, never once considered walking off stage early. he was there until the end.)

before badly drawn boy was sarah blasko. blasko has a fine voice, though her songs are a bit similar. what lets her down, however, is the lack of a band. synthesized drums (or pre-recorded drums) with live guitar and singing don't blend well. i reckon if she had her own band, she'd be about five times more enjoyable.

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