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John Wayne at Last Short Story

Ben Payne (benpayne) at Last Short Story (lastshortstory) wrote about 'John Wayne':

Ben Peek's John Wayne, part of his dead Americans series of stories, places John Wayne and his friend Orson Welles in contemporary USA. Wayne is well-characterised, rather than being a two-dimensional target of satire, and we are shown both his flaws and his strengths as a man, resulting in some fascinating contradictions. In Wayne's paranoias and the subsequent violence, we are given a strong critique of racial politics in the US today (and by extension in our own country, too.) Peek's strength in this story is in the fact that he allows the story to move beyond its social critique and to create moments of genuine pathos as well, resulting in a deeper and more compelling vision of contemporary society.

Of course, Payne was one of the editors who bought the story, back when it was titled, 'John Wayne (As Written by a Non-American)', so what you're probably seeing is the reason why he purchased it. Ah, but I bet he would have left the rest of the title there, too.

'John Wayne' appeared in the latest issue of Aurealis, with a neat picture of Wayne himself.



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Jul. 11th, 2007 08:32 am (UTC)
Yes, I would have.
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