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The Australian Journal for Critical Review of Speculative Fiction has been shut down.

Most of you will probably not remember the earlier announcement to begin this, so the end of it will mean nothing to you, but I figure it is better said than not. There simply hasn't been enough response for the project to justify it, and rather than create something that is full of half measures and compromises, we've elected to close it, and to focus on the other projects that we've all got going. Over the years I've seen too many independent projects emerge that should have been shut down in the early stages to want to create something I couldn't, in all honesty, stand behind. If I am part of the creation--at any level--of a project, I have to be able to stand behind it and say, yes, this is something that you can, and should, read. It simply wasn't happening here, so Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones), Ben Payne (benpayne), Tansy Rayner Roberts (cassiphone), and myself, have elected to kill it now.

There you go.


Jul. 4th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
yeah, if we (or even i) did it again, it'd be done different. there'd be no point in doing it the same way twice--especially when the first didn't get the response it needed.

ah well. better a dead project than a half baked one, though.