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Like A Good Democracy

yesterday, as is reported, "Peace protesters scaled the Sydney Opera House to paint a massive "No War" slogan on the famous white sails."

i'm all for it. if your prime minister won't listen, you've got to do things that make people listen. i've seen people drain their blood over a United Nations charter, i've seen protestors, and polls that say seventy percent of people are not in for the war, but he is not listening. so, i say, do it.

i'm also okay with criticism of the troops, even if the prime minister says not too. they should hear the publics displeasure, and should understand that we don't want them there. it's not personal, as in it is not aimed at them as individual, but at the arm of the government and country they are representing. with enough protesting and criticism, military personal could, and should, say that no, they don't want to be part of an invasion.

anyhow. i don't want to turn this into a journal about war, because there are better people for that. i was just tired of hearing people claim that defacing the opera house was wrong, that doing that to a symbol of australia was unacceptable. well, it's not, and a symbol is only as strong as the country it represents.
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