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Black Sheep, the Good, the Bad, the Winner


After close to two and a half years, Black Sheep was finally available from the printer on Friday 15th, according to Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown).

Unfortunately, the book no longer has a print run, and is instead, POD (print on demand). This is an unpleasant turn of events, but there's nothing to be done about it now. The reality of the situation at the moment, however, is that the book itself is going to be a lot harder to find. There are no chain orders, despite the fact that a year ago there were quite strong ones for an unknown like me; but the delays have killed that, and reportedly they won't have anything to do with it now. In addition to that, there are no advance reviews at all, and no advance publicity, since I haven't been able to do any due to the shifting release, and that means that the only people who know about the book are me and you and the audience of this blog.

I suppose it's hardly surprising that this is the situation, but it is one I could have done without. At any rate, we're now back to relying on word of mouth, and pretty much the same tactics that I've used to sell 26Lies online.

Welcome to my Tuesday morning.

For those curious, the winner of our little publication date game was tanuja. Email me at benpeek at, T, and give me your address. I'll send out a copy when some comps arrive.
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