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the Ditmar Voting.

i won't be going to perth for the convention in which you can vote for a ditmar. it might seem strange, but as i live slightly below the poverty line, it's not something that i can afford to do. that's not something new, as i've never been in the position to afford to go to swancon. (or, for that matter, anywhere else.)

so, the question is: if i am not there, who will vote for my little stories?

the answer is: i have no idea, but i'd say not many.

so, what to do?

well, for twenty bucks, you can get a supporting membership:

(that's ten bucks for you americans, about six fifty for you english, and some disturbingly sounding large about for you japanese. for the canadian among us... i have no idea. in fact, i have no idea about the japanese either. are germans reading this?)

so, folks, if you feel that you'd like to vote for my little stories, but are unable (or unwilling) to go to the convention and vote, you can do this. it goes without saying that i will be in your debt, and be much appreciative.
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