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cynical observation, #1: the media continues to call for dr hollingworth to step down, while the whole bit about our government lying to us is nowhere to be found. and to think, we have all these international visitors too. hmm. could it be that the media is showing concern for poor deaf john howard and the liberal party by not swamping the worlds media with this information?

isn't it odd that in zimbabwe, mugabe is being branded as a undemocratic bastard (which, by all accounts, is true) and that australia is all up on their high horse over this... i mean, didn't they lie to us during the election in November? didn't they run what previous prime ministers called a racist campaign to get re-elected?

maybe i was watching a different election. it's all brought to me on television, so maybe it's all fake, and this is just the new plot twist for Australia!

yes. Australia! coming to you at nine thirty, on channel nine.

kerry packer endorses it.
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