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More on the LiveJournal Pedophilia Crack Down.

Say hello to Sue and Gunny John who, apparently, run Warriors for Innocence.

First, say hi to Sue:

March 17th is the day the liberal anti-war protesters have chosen to meet at the Vietnam Memorial Wall and march to the Pentagon. Those of us who are true Americans find this site to be sacred, and many will travel to the wall to stand guard and prevent the protesters from defacing or damaging the wall.

My husband is a Vietnam Vet, my Brother is a Marine, my Dad is a Vet, my Father-in-law is a Vet, my brother-in-law is a Vet, my Uncle is a Vet, my cousin is a Vet. I have a personal stake in this.

It's a disgrace to choose a war memorial dedicated to our fallen heroes as a location for this protest.

I'll end it there because I pretty much said it all in a recent post. Go here.

Cindy "I hate Bush" Sheehan and Jane "traitor bitch" Fonda will be there along with their liberal friends. Here's a list of the sponsors:

~Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark (who offered his services to defend Saddam Hussein)
~Ultra-liberal Congresswoman Maxine Waters
~Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
~Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran and author of “Born on the 4th of July”
~Mahdi Bray, executive director, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
~Waleed Bader, vice chair of the National Council of Arab Americans and former president of Arab Muslim American Federation
~Medea Benjamin, co-founder, CODEPINK and Global ExchangeFree Palestine Alliance
~Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
~Islamic Political Party of America
~FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front)
~Islamic-National Congress
~Gay Liberation Network
~Muslim Student Association
~Jibril Hough, chairman, Islamic Political Party of America

Why didn't she bold gay? Or liberation for that matter?

Anyhow, here's Gunny John:

"There are minority factions who have the ears of some very high Career Politicians. The homosexual faction wants any mention of how their lifestyle is against someone's religious beliefs to be considered "hate speech" and a "thought crime." The drug culture wants their use and abuse of narcotics and controlled substances to be accepted and no longer punishable by law.

These people, instead of working to keep this country a model of a representative republic, want to have an "anything goes" attitude. Smoking dope? That's cool. Drinking and driving? No problem. Rape, assault, murder? Fully acceptable in the land of the liberal mindset. Having limits, rules, regulations, is what allows a civilization to thrive and grow. When the rules and regulations are ignored or altered to favor one group over another, then there is no longer a mindset of "All men are created equal" - there is the onset of the "victim mentality," where the individual is no longer held accountable for their own actions, but any wrong that befalls them is a direct result of events in their past; events they have no control over, and events that they will allow to control the rest of their lives.

Everything is not perfect anymore. The time has come for We the People to stand up and be heard. It's time for We the People to let the Career Politicians know that we are no longer going to allow them to rule according to how they want to fill their pocket; they need to put the United States of America back at the forefront of their dealings and negotiations."

Yes, they're fucking crazy.

Of course they're fucking crazy. They're self appointed guardians of the internet on the prowl for pedophiles, for fucks sake. Like they weren't going to be.

In fact, some people are going as far as to say that they're part of a larger organised bunch of insane fuckers: "In other words, with the "Warriors for Innocence" scandal, we may actually be dealing with part of a fairly extensive network of neo-Confederate, militia-sympathiser (if not flat out militia-member) "Christian Patriot" God-warriors-with-guns "Joel's Army" nutcases on our that potentially makes Focus on the Family or even the American Family Association look like the friggin' Society of Friends in comparison."

Now, I know some people don't see the thing here since, in one way, it's a lot of slash incest underage fiction being killed, and that Six Apart is a commercial website, and thus have a right to say and do what they please, which was said in the comments of the previous post. Also, it's pedophilia, which a lot of people fear being tagged with like it's cancer. Which is fair enough, to a certain level: I'm not wanting to be tagged with it, either, and I'm certainly not weeping over the loss of Harry and Draco fucking each other, because that's never appealed to me. I'm also smart enough that I can see the contradiction of telling Six Apart they can't do this while claiming it's a freedom of speech thing. The freedom to say something also means the freedom to stop saying something. However, even though I am aware of this, I am motivated by that freedom of speech thing, because freedom of speech is not something you support one day of the week, and then don't support another. Yesterday, for example, I found out about a reality TV show that plans to have three dying people compete for a woman's liver--a morally reprehensible, ugly idea, which I think is simply foul in relation to my morals, of which God plays no fucking part in shaping at all. I am, in short, disgusted that it exists. But--and here's the important part--I don't think that it should be shut down, tossed away, and silenced. Let it exist. Maybe something good will come out of it, in that more people will donate organs. Me, I'm already up for donating what I've got when I'm dead, so I won't watch it, and I'm going to think of it, truly, as a foul piece of work.

It seems to me, and perhaps here I am alone, but still, it appears to me that in recent years Right Wing Groups of all Shapes and Size have been on the rise. It seems that every day they gain a little more ground in making their voices louder. Is it a perception on my part? It could be. Maybe these extreme religious views of all shape and size have always had loud voices in the world. Yet it remains that the fact that these voices can have a say over my life, and more importantly, the lives of my friends and family, when they have no idea who these individuals are, and that they base it on some kind of idiotic logic such as 'It's Not Right', then these people need to have their voices minimalised, or at least competed against. The voices of idiots, such as the pair above, with their racist, homophobic driven agendas, need to have their power stripped away. Let them speak. Sure. I got no hassle on that, though I could quite easily see their tongues removed and fingers cut away, but like I said, Freedom of Speech is for everything on every day. What is wrong, however, or perhaps it is more correct for me to say, what offends me, is that such small minded fucks could have any power, anywhere, especially when I know perfectly rational and sane people who have faith of all kind (and those who, again, do not).

My posting on this topic, then, is related to that. It's just a voice being added to the no that needed to be said, originally, to these two fucked up retards, who get nothing but disrespect from me.

And lastly, if someone reading this can provide a definition of pedophilia that covers all situations, and which also addresses the slightly complex issue of it being a sexuality within itself--which some quarters do argue--I'd be most appreciative. I'm curious to see what people have got.

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