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The Name of the Rose

How long did it take you?

Nearly two months.

Two fucking months? That's a lot of time for a book.

I've been busy. I've had the business to get going. I read less when I write--

You've been playing video games.

--And yeah. But I'm done.


Why's this book popular again?

You hated it?

No, no, I liked it, well enough. I didn't love it or nothing, but I liked it. It's just--how did this book become so popular?

It's about religion and gay monks. How could it not?


Here we go.


Just don't rant.

Shut the fuck up and listen.

I'm listening.

Well--well, it's like, you have this mystery, and you have the Holmes like detective monk, William of Baskerville, and he's Watson companion, and, and, they spend most of their time talking about religion, and not getting into the mystery, and they're never in any real danger, or under any threat, and so all the conflict is one based in thoughts of religion that the characters have. Which is basically whatever little thing Eco wants to talk about. Huge fucking chapters on the nature of sex, chastity, the conflicts within the church, laughter, and on and on and on.

It's all a bit tiring, actually.

You don't think that stuff was interesting?

To a certain level, and I definitely liked the end, but--well, who cares?

Lots of people. That's why it's popular.

The religion?

Yeah. No one gives a shit about the mystery. Even the characters don't really give a shit--well, maybe William does. But The Name of the Rose is, basically, a meditation upon religion.

I wanted less religion, more mystery.

You wanted the wrong fucking book, man.

Seems that way.

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