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New Ceres

New Ceres is the webzine of my friend, Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones), a science fiction ezine set in the shared world of New Ceres, and in which each issue builds upon the world.

Krasnostein pays five cents a word for the fiction there, which, usually, is not something I mention about a project as I pimp it to you. However, unknown shared world projects can give a bad impression if they come out from new people, but this isn't the case here. Money brings in people who know what they're doing. The fiction for issue two is provided by Stephen Dedman (stephen_dedman), author of Never Seen by Waking Eyes, Jay Lake (jaylake), author of A Trial of Flowers and Mainspring, among others, Cat Sparks, who is responsible for way too much short fiction ('Home by Sea' in the first Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy book, for example) and the Agog! series of anthologies, and Lucy Sussex, author of Absolute Uncertainty and A Tour Guide to Utopia, which you should own if you do not. Anyhow: what I'm saying to you here is that professional and talented authors have come to this project and you should read it, especially if you dig the Victorian styled science fiction things.

It costs five dollars.

You can't even buy pornography for five dollars anymore, and besides, you can get that free on the web, so your complaints are useless. So do the click and read.

I am aware, yes, that the design of the site leaves a bit to be desired. It's the flaw of the page and I'm not going to pretend it isn't there. If you're a designer, and you're reliable, you want to email Krasnostein and say, "I'm your Jesus."

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