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Conversations About Albums I've Recently Bought

What's this?

New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album.



It's no Howl.

Yeah, it's totally missing the gospel stomp. You can still taste it around the edges, though, but the band has drifted back to the first two albums. It's a bit of a shame. I loved that new sound.

Is it catchy?

The band is always catchy. I love the chorus on 'Berlin'. Take a listen:



They really should use the word fuck, you know. To imply it like that totally ruins the suicide Tuesday part.

I know.

But hey, at least this album is listenable. It's no Howl, but at least it's not the rubbish that's the new Arctic Monkeys album.


I like a good fucking swear word to describe a shit album as much as anyone, but that album is just fucking rubbish.

How very British of you.


None of these come close to the Beasts of Bourbon album.



I am torn on that album. I really want to dig it, but it doesn't have instant love. It's growing, but it's taking its time.

It's no Low Life, I agree.

That sound on Low Life is just fucking perfect. Also, I have to say, after hearing Sour Mash and Black Milk, I'm just not sure Little Animals is riding the best. It feels just a little--



Perkins did call it their 70s radio album.

What can I say, man? It's growing, but instant love is not what it got.

What about the new Explosions in the Sky album?

Much the same, I'm afraid. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone is the band running on the same spot. But, let this not turn into a bitch session about middle of the range albums, because I totally dig the Grinderman album.

Nick Cave?

Nick fucking Cave. He who I have a love hate relationship. I've never loved anything he and the Badseeds have done, but that Grinderman album, with tracks like 'No Pussy Blues' and '(I Don't Need You to) Set Me Free' is just too fucking cool.

Back with the swearing, I see.

Fuck is love, man.

Love as fuck.

You know what else I love about Grinderman?

The beards?

The fucking beards.


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