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One Line Reviews.

One of my favourite things to do is read the reviews at Free SF Reader (run, it seems, by bluetyson). They're succinct, pared back, funny as fuck, and the best of them aren't more than a line. For example, 'The Grief Doll', written by Lily Chrywenstrom, is referred to as, "Dead woman, toy has advice. Three out of five." Margo Lanagan's award winning, much loved 'Singing My Sister Down' is, "Execution by tar pit, with ceremony. Two and a half out of five." Paul Haines 'Malik Rising' is "Drugged whacko angel wannabes. Three and a half out of five."

Indeed, you read enough of them, and a certain poetry begins to emerge.

I'm there twice, first for 'Johnny Cash', which is described as, "Presidential demons, and those that have to clean up after them. Four out of five." And second for 'Cigarettes and Roses', which is described as, "Two people are being paid to transport the corpse of a fake saint. For a dead body, it seems to have a strange smell, and things go plenty bad. Three out of five." There is even another site, Not Free SF Reader, for fiction that's not free online, and 'Dream of a Russian Princess' is described as as, "Dead girl. Dull. Two out of five."

Sheer. Poetry.

I love 'em. I want more. Blue, you need review copies?

Free SF Reader
Not Free SF Reader
Australian SF Reader

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