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Len Hall Gallipoli veteran
Gently passed away thinking we learned not a thing
Played the Commonwealth cannon-fodder, his ominous words
That if he had to do it again, he'd fight for the Turks
And the facts made way for the mythology, like you remember Bondy's victory speech
Great granddad, would you believe we're the aggressors now?
New technology, you should see all the weapons now
Listen closely when the diggers say that we're forgetting how
You shouldn't railroad your citizens to war unless you absolutely have to
Never sell a war you go to war to defend
More than alliances in support of your women and men
Only once has there been a direct threat
Forgetting wars that we still haven't left yet
The next Tojo or Hitler I don't know and who wants that close to home?

--'The Metres Gained', the Herd.
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