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Paper Cities

For those paying attention to these things, at the start of the year I sold a story called 'The Funeral, Ruined', to E. Sedia for her anthology, Moonlit Domes.

The anthology has, since then, been retitled to Paper Cities , and it will now be published by Five Senses Press, who produce Sybil's Garage, which I hear is a nice looking magazine. The title change was requested by the publisher, which is a bit of a shame, since I liked Moonlit Domes, but that's how it is sometimes. I am, however, responsible for Paper Cities, which is a riff on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (which is a fine book, if you've never read it). Contributors for the anthology include Hal Duncan, Barth Anderson, Cat Sparks, Kaaron Warren, Forrest Aguirre, Catherynne Valente, Stephanie Campisi, Hal Duncan, Jay Lake, Anna Tambour, Mark Teppo, Darin Bradley, Greg Van Eekhout and more.

It will be launched at World Fantasy in November.

Which, by the looks of it, I will be at. Assuming there's no large financial/life things that come up, that is.
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