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More Maloney

I have this dead horse and his name is Geoff:

Dear Ben

Thanks for the publicity you have given me on your blog. I appreciate it. But to get back to my point.Your fiction is so much better than anything else you write. Your blog is crap. Your critiques of the AAs are crap. I mean if the AAs are so bad why spend all that time writing about them. Ignore them. Write your stories. They're good. Don't waste your time.



Is anyone else detecting a similarity from Australian authors when they talk about me?

Some days, I wonder if I'll ever run out of sarcasm when dealing with Maloney (and Battersby and the others who appear here and there--there's more than a few in private). Truly I do. I think: will I have to hire someone to write blog posts for me? That'd be cool. I wonder if I could print my own money to pay them?

Anyhow, I let the Battersby comment slide by because I'm prepared to wear what it is people say about me and awards for the moment. I know what it looks like. There's nothing I can do about that, so I'll just take it, and try and be good natured about it. Which is why I over looked the hint of bloc voting conspiracy in Battersby's post, and the fact that he called me childish. I even chuckled at the comment left by K.A. Beford that referenced Martin Lewis' (ninebelow) review of his and Maxine McArthur's novels in the NY Review of Science Fiction some time last year. Bedford seems to be implying that my original review of the short fiction in the Aurealis Awards was being taken as an international representation of the scene--and in doing so, misses a whole collection of reviews that are, on the whole, negative about the work being produced from here. Perhaps the truth is that both those books were just shit, but who knows--Lewis seems to have reasonable taste, though. But if we for a moment look at this and the complaints that we've seen me link through this blog (brilliant flash fiction being overlooked, for example)... if we for a moment take these complaints as an indication that there is bad fiction clogging up the arteries here, then perhaps wouldn't it be worth giving it a serious, introspective look at the culture of silence bred around critical thought in their peers that has encouraged an anti-intellectualism where the work that doesn't make you think and writing that is stylistically free and simple and with structures that mimics everything that they remember from their childhood, is allowed to flourish? Perhaps the truth is there are bad reviews and feelings of frustration on part of the authors because the work being produced isn't very good and no matter how you all bitch at me for saying that, other people are going to continue to write that if they think it, and one day, you will all have to start dealing with that.

Not me, though. Everyone says nice things about my fiction. Even the people who hate me.
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