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Paintings on Walls.

I've always liked graffiti.

I've never really dug art shown in galleries, however. Mostly, I find a lot of fine art (paintings, and so on), kind of boring. Every year I click the link to have a look at the Archibald, perhaps one of the most prestigious of the Australian Art awards, and each year I fight the urge off not to die of boredom. I figure, mostly, it's because I'm an uneducated little shit when it comes to this stuff, but I also have to admit to a failing to appreciate Picasso, a complete disinterest in Michaelangelo and... well, the list goes on. I do like the Andy Warhol silk prints, however. Or perhaps it's just where it is: I get to thinking that art in a gallery would look a whole lot more interesting if it was on the side of a building, if it was just out there, temporary, part of the environment in a way that advertising is not. Maybe I'd appreciate portraits more if they were on a wall.

The truth is, I probably just have trashy art taste, and a natural dislike for art galleries. At any rate, the comment for the picture below is, "Famous Bristolian street artist. His pictures sell to US film stars for thousands. Bristol City Council washes them off."

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