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well, Time Travel Jesus: The Tale of Coffee in all its mismatched, pointless glory has been finished. i have no idea if people were reading it, but i (and i must assume the lovely miss ness was with me in this) was getting a small amount of amusement out of it. i especially enjoyed writing god, but that might be because i always wanted to play god in the little plays we did in primary school. sadly, i was always the centurion or leper (and i think at one time both) and my friend got to play bigger roles.

of course, i'm still a bit confused on what either of us were doing in the christian play group, but we were nine at the time, and they did have arts and craft things. (and a spectacular lack of religion, to my memory, except when they put on plays where jesus was often killed.)

but back to Time Travel Jesus: The Tale of Coffee. what can be said about it? well: it may be pointless, spelling may vary, the first person narration might drop off completely, the time travelers (or travellers, (it's how you tell who wrote what)) may be five or sixty three, but it is a string of bad coffee jokes and writing that is devoid of everything that makes writing.

you gotta be proud, as the devil said.
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