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I have a thing for taking photos of people when they're not looking. People are so composed in photographs, so caught up in the idea of presenting, that I often find the end result kind of fake. A lot of the time that's the point of photos, mind, but what I'm talking about are just the regular snapshot things of people.

At any rate, this post isn't about that, not really. No. Last night I finally made myself some business cards. S has been hassling me to do it for ages, but I could never really see the point of having them, until last weekend, where people were asking for my details to pass on to friends. Before you ask, it's simply for the private tutoring gigs I have, and which seem to be popping up through word of mouth. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I can never remember my mobile off the top of my head, and there's always this shuffle as I riffle though my bag for it, and then details are left on scraps of paper, and we all know what kind of mess that is. After the third time of being asked, I figured I should just suck it up and get some cards made, and I figured I'd just use MOO, which uses photos that you have in your flickr account. It took a bit to figure out what I did and didn't want to use (I thought about using band photos, since I have a lot of them, but I decided against it for all the obvious reasons) and eventually settled on a handful that I've taken in the last couple of years with my camera that is only designed for snapshots.

The above photo is now one of my business cards.
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