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The Fragile Army

"It's been a long journey since the Polyphonic Spree's last release, but the Dallas collective have finally settled on a battle plan for their third album. It's called The Fragile Army, a nickname the group received from Mike Mills, director of 2005 indie flick Thumbsucker, which the band scored.

"We have entered a new phase in our musical contribution," says frontman Tim DeLaughter in a press release, and indeed, the Spree have undergone quite the makeover for their new record, which hits stores sometime in June via the group's new home, TVT Records. Yes, the Polyphonic Spree are labelmates with the Ying Yang Twins. Finally!

Details and tracklist after the fold.

As previously reported, the Spree have abandoned the trademark Technicolor robes of their days on Disney's Hollywood label, opting for more militaristic black uniforms that DeLaughter says reflect "a political climate that's choking us all." And so much for their Kool-Aid-fueled paeans to the power of sunshine; he describes the "ode-to-Bush" title track as the band's new battle cry."


The Fragile Army is a great title for an album, isn't it? I'll have to steal it for something. Anyhow: I dig the Polyphonic Spree, so I'm looking forward to the new album (and I'm glad the robes have gone--two albums of them were enough, and the black is cool).

The band released an EP called Wait last year, I believe, which was available through itunes. I've never really bothered with itunes, but most of it appears on the band's myspace page, including the catchy cover of Nirvana's 'Lithium', so you can check it out there. I imagine you can find the EP through the usual online venues should you have a thing against itunes, like I do.

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