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Has everyone seen this: LJToys.

It is, essentially, a counter that works within your livejournal, and takes into account those people reading off friendspages. Unfortunately, it requires you to use the mood icons. Personally, I've never felt the need to use mood icons, but I rigged up this thing, so you're just going to have to pretend they're not there. Also, as some of you may note, I've stripped back the friends section of this blog--there's nothing personal in it, it was just getting unmanageable at its size. I've pretty much just kept my real friends (and the people I know and like), and a couple of livejournals I've been reading here, and can't be fucked shifting over to my bloglines account.

Anyhow, as a last bit of something, there's been a bunch of new people come to this blog in the last couple of months, and if I don't know you, hey, feel free to introduce yourself.
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