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26Lies and the Love.

I just finished reading Ben Peek's Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth.


The novel is Ben's "autobiography of a man who has been nowhere, done nothing and met nobody". It interrogates truth, and how we perceive truth, in particular with what is written down on the page and presented as truth when the reader knows something about the truth of the author involved. And how we feel about the truth on the page when the truth of the author is revealed to be a lie.

So here's what I think:

Brilliant. I loved it.

This is a clever, moving, funny and insightful book. I laughed, and I would have cried, but I'm too fucking hard for that sort of shit. See, I understand, relate and empathise with a lot of the truth in this book, the truths I know are true.

--Paul Haines (paulhaines), author of Doorways for the Dispossessed.

Buy it from Amazon, buy it from Wheatland Press.

(Are you detecting a trend in what people say about 26Lies? That people dig it, obviously, that people say you should I buy it. So you should, because soon I am going to start calling it a cult classic, and hipster folk everywhere will be able to reference it in defense of their intelligence/masculinity/femininity/sexuality. You want to be on the ground floor of that.)
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