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Scorsese Wins the Oscar

Scorsese Wins the Oscar - On Saturday night I went to the engagement party of my cousin, R, and we were sitting around the pool in her apartment complex celebrating that. A bunch of my other cousins, who I hadn't seen for fifteen years, were there, as a brief aside for those of you who keep up with that sort of thing. That's not really up for discussion here in public, however, but the guy who lived in the apartment block, and who with his girlfriend and friend, came down and sat in the spa, are, though. Because this guy was what many of you will be able to recognise as a Film Geek: he professed to own over a thousand DVDs, and have them catalogued on his computer, and organised into genre on his shelves. He was a good looking, rich film geek of a guy, with a good looking girlfriend, and I'm sure, somewhere in his apartment, were files for the scripts he wrote, and cameras for the short films he made.

At one stage my cousins and him were discussing Al Pacino and someone (I forget who now) wanted to know what films he was in. The Film Geek rattled off a few, and I added Dog Day Afternoon, which made him turn to me and say, 'You must be a bit of a film buff, huh?'

'I like films.'

'To reference Dog Day Afternoon, though, you gotta fancy films a bit.'

I just shrugged. It's an old film, made before Pacino started chewing on the scenery, and not a bad one at that, but it hardly rocks my world. If anything, I like the title more than I like the actual film, and if I could, I'd steal it.

'So what's your favourite film then?' he asks. 'I got a theory that everyone's favourite film says something about them.'

'I dunno, I like a lot of films--I don't really go for that favourite thing.'

'You must have one.'

I hate those kinds of questions--there's more to the world than one kind of film, and more than one kind of opinion, and I always struggle to find a way to explain without coming across like an arrogant shit. Eventually, I said, 'I like Jim Jarmusch films.'

'The black and white one with Johnny Depp?"

'Yeah, but Mystery Train and Ghost Dog are the ones I like the most.'

'That French speaking shit in Ghost Dog sucked--that film sucked.'

'So what's your favourite film?'

I figured he had an answer and he did, real quick: 'Fight Club.'

The first word in my head was 'dilettante', so I suppose he was right about his theory that favourite films say something about you.
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