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Reviews (Mono and Under the Red Sun)

'Mono' (in Phantom):

"There aren’t many stories that make as interesting a use of format as this one, in my experience. Dialogue is shown with different font and alignment; the progression of days is shown by decreasing font, and smaller columns. It’s very effective - for the passing of time, and Chilam’s deteriorating eye condition too. The situation: some time ago, “the world burned with white light”. Since then, every white person on the planet has gone mad. The narrators are, therefore, either Black or Native American (I think; it seems to be set in America. All that matters is they’re not white), and they’re having to deal with the whites who are intent on jumping the wall into their safe compound. The story takes place over 12 or so days. It’s riveting and poignant and a really gripping read."

Under the Red Sun (in Fantasy Magazine #4):

"This is quite a frightening story, a frightening world. The red sun and red sky dominate, and it’s not clear until the end just why the sky is red. The world is one of Morticians and Surgeons: Morticians inscribe tattoos on your body so that God knows your history, and Surgeons create the Returned - people who have died but been given new life with others’ skin and mechanical organs. Very Frankenstein. Fiona has died of a wasting sickness, and her brothers William (the narrator) and Henry are worried that her body will be scavenged for use by the Surgeons. The story follows William as he thinks about his family, his past, his relationships, and his world. It’s quite long for a short story, but it dragged me along relentlessly - the exposition is so niggardly, yet so skillful, that I had to get to the end so that I could know as much as possible. It’s beautifully written, with some lovely description and (sometimes all too) believable characters."


I seem to be doing okay with reviews, hey?
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