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26Lies Review

26Lies has been given a really positive review by Ben Payne (benpayne) at ASif

26 Lies is not a dogmatic work... At times the entries seem to argue that as a society we must have some recourse to truth, while at other times the emotional power of “fictional” events seems to contradict this, to sucker us into identification and investments (experiences, in a sense) which cannot simply be dispersed or dissolved by suggestions of falsehood.

Every reader will no doubt emerge from this novel with different impressions. Indeed, it is a book which lends itself to enjoyable arguments over interpretation.

What I got from it is this: that truth matters when it matters, and doesn’t when it doesn’t. And that each of us must find our own path as to where that distinction lies. 26 Lies, 1 Truth is an intelligent, playful, funny, challenging, thoughtful and deeply moving work. It is a book filled with outrageous lies. And it is a book filled with truth.

But why should you take my word for it? Read it for yourself.

Buy it at Amazon, buy it at Wheatland Press.
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