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Ben Peek

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Nothing but Love and Respect

Nothing but Love and Respect - The mobile is ringing. I decide to answer it.

"Dude--you're fucking famous!"


"I found another person who saw you in Footy Legends!" D says. He chuckles. "I think it's a fucking rental now, man. Your fame will only increase."

I consider hanging up the phone.

Instead, I say, "You know, I did an interview with the ABC the other day. Did you read that?"

"Fuck you, man. It wasn't the ABC--it was a blog on the ABC website. And of course I didn't read that shit. Jesus. I can fucking call you. Hey, you know what, you could put 'As Seen in Footy Legends' on the cover of yours books!"

"I gotta have sold more books than people seen that film."

"That's bullshit. You can't even get published in Australia."

"Hey, it could happen!"

D laughs.

"You're such a cunt."
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