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Aurealis Awards, Redux

In case you haven't seen this, Rosaleen Love has written an article on the Aurealis Award nominated stories.

Love is the author of the recent collection, the Traveling Tide, released by Aqueduct Press out of the States, and has been publishing short fiction for somewhere close to twenty-five years now. It's fine stuff, if you've never read it, and the latter work has a concern about the environment running through it. Anyhow, Love also teaches creative writing out in the University circle of Victoria--a fact that I found out, once, when someone who was in her class ended up at this blog from one of her lectures. What I'm trying to say before you click the link, however, is that Love knows what she's talking about, and has a lot of experience in the field.

You'll find it interesting, perhaps, to compare it to my article on the Aurealis Award Nominations, mostly because there's a lot of similarities in the opinions on the fiction. About the only author we disagree upon is Margo Lanagan, but for the rest, I tend to think we're on the same page, and she talks about a lot of things that I didn't have space for in the other piece. Plus, who can't warm to anyone who writes, "Where is the science fiction in this story? Ah, it must be the brain implant that makes naked blonde white women sex slaves of big black brutal African men. I just didn’t warm to the characters, the plot, the ending, the racism, the sexism, the sadism, the grammar, or the sentences in this story."

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