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2000 Entries (Love, Hate, and All Sorts)

With this post, I've made two thousand entries on this blog. I don't even want to think of the word count.

I began this blog in 2002, but I barely used it for that first year, so it wasn't until 2003 that I began to blog on a regular basis. It has changed a lot since those first days, which if anyone remembers that, will be happy with, I think. Certainly, I am.

For two thousand entries, though, it's been a bit of an interesting ride. There's been an increased fuck you attitude to the 'politeness' of the writing community here--for lack of a better way to describe it, I guess. I got to thinking about this a couple of weeks ago, actually. When I first met people on this scene, I used to have a philosophy that whatever was going round, I'd just keep to myself, and not say things publicly that would upset people. Whatever, you know? Write the fiction, sell it, whatever to the rest. It's still an over-riding philosophy, for the most part; but round 2005, there was that incident with Scot Snow, an author who had been faking his bibliography for years. That's not so unusual, really, since there's got to be hundreds of authors who do it, and no one knows about them because they write shit, and they're a scam. The real difference was that Snow had been faking his bibliography for years and a whole large part of the speculative fiction community had known it. Not only had they known, but they had even supported it, by putting him on panels and allowing him to present himself to people who didn't know better. It wasn't a whole lot, I suppose. Just a few small things here and there. When I found out that I had this moment where things changed and I figured I'd just do and say what I wanted. No more holding back. After that, this blog (and me) started to get the reputation that it's got, in some places.

Still, there's been more to it than that, and it's been a kind of fun ride, so I'm going to put a few links up here for a little retrospective of this blog. If you got a favourite entry for the blog, put it in the comments and we can all indulge in our nostalgia. Or you can just jump links for kicks.

  • First Entry - You know, a year after I made a first entry.

  • Beginning/End - I closed my blog. I opened my blog. It happened over two days. I was quite serious for eighteen hours.

  • I Write What? - If you meet librarians at a party, don't tell them you write speculative fiction. It's not a respect thing.

  • T-shirt Design - Science Fiction is Dead.

  • The Post Where I Realised No One Cared About Literature - Unless, you know, I was abusing folk.

  • Aurealis Awards, One - That time I got nominated, withdrawn, and nominated (but told I wouldn't win). I'll never be nominated again, thank fuck.

  • Aurealis Awards, Two - The first time I wrote a review about the Aurealis Awards, people called me all sorts of names, and accused me of all sorts of things. My favourite accusation remains that I don't help local authors meet international ones. The second time I reviewed them? Well, I guess I wasn't invited to those conversations.

  • The I Hate Ben Peek Badge - Because everyone should have one.

  • The Campaign of Hate - For all your Ben Peek Hate.

  • Snapshot - I interviewed forty-three people in the local speculative fiction community in one week. It was ridiculous. Someone suggest that I pitch the idea to a magazine at the end of it, but I was so burnt out after that that I'd rather slash my wrists. Still, outside reading the interviews now to see how people have changed, there's a game you can play on it: Who Won't Talk to Ben Peek Now.

  • I'm A Freak - My time as an extra in a really shitty film called Footy Legends. Not that I've seen it. Other people tell me its shit. A lot of people I know have watched it to hassle me. I hate them. This is one of my favourite posts, though I couldn't tell you why.

  • The Paperweight, One - When I handed in my doctorate they gave me this. It's proved to be quite prophetic.

  • The Paperweight, Two - Markers reports for thesis. They're still pretty cool.

  • Dialogues - An eight week series of fiction that is, essentially, a series of conversations that take place at street corners, playgrounds, apartment windows, cars, and outside Chinese Take Aways. I provide photos.

  • Black Sheep - It will be published in March, I believe. Going to the printer within the next few weeks.

  • 26Lies - Who doesn't love it?


That was pretty indulgent.

Anyhow, you know what, if you've been round this blog a little while, a long while, whatever, thanks for reading. I'm still having fun with it, so it's not going anywhere. If you hate it... well, sucks to be you.
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