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26Lies (Blogs, Two)

Mari Ness (mariness) read 26Lies and liked it, even though I told her she shouldn't, because I was going to put her in the book, and tell the truth totally about her, cause she was a friend:

"You may remember the meme, which went more or less like this – another LJer would give you a letter, and you had to come up with 10 things starting with that letter and chat about them. Ben Peek sticks to this basic structure, with ten entries for every letter except X. The entries themselves vary: some recount events, real or imagined, in Ben Peek's life (remember, the title says the book is mostly lies, with only one truth); some contemplate varying concepts of identity, of truth, of censorship, of molestation, of murder, of Traci Lords; others recount the stories of authorial fraud, authors that faked work, faked identities, lied, and lied, and lied; and still others are funny little vignettes or stories. Part of the fun, of course, is guessing which parts are real, and which are lies. (I am rather hoping that the bit about tequila is a lie.) Interspersed among the entries are conversations between Peek and his partner, G, telling an almost, but not quite, separate story of their own.

I've made this sound dull, but it isn't: despite a complete refusal to follow a standard narrative format, the book is utterly compelling reading, often funny, often painful. And nearly impossible to summarize and highly difficult to review. Go. Read.

Even if almost everything he says about me in it is a total lie."

--Amazon and Wheatland Press.
Tags: twentysixlies/onetruth

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