Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Eddie Campbell

One of the things that I've been enjoying lately is Eddie Campbell's blog.

Campbell is probably most well known, at least recently, as the artist for From Hell, which was written by Alan Moore. However. Campbell is also quite accomplished as a writer and artist in his own right, having produced a number of semi-autobiographical pieces, and the series Bacchus, to name a few. I always liked his stories of Bacchus, the God of Revelry, who, with his craggy, dead like face, and general run down demeanor, says, in the opening collection Immortality Isn't Forever, that too much wine, women, and song has worn him down. Recently, Campbell went and got himself a blog, and has maintained a fairly solid blogging routine in which he discusses pages out of From Hell, giving you samples of Moore's script and his own illustrations, while also discussing graphic novels, where he reveals himself to be an interesting and intelligent guy (the whole blog does this, actually).

No doubt Campbell's decision to get a blog was aided by the fact that his new graphic novel, Black Diamond Detective Agency, is going to be released soon, and usually that kind of thing turns me off a little with blogs, but I've enjoyed Campbell's so much that I'm going to link the excerpt:

Helps that it's pretty fucking cool, too.

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