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"AUDACIOUS literary fraudster Norma Khouri has admitted publicly for the first time she lied about crucial details of her best-selling book, Forbidden Love.

The 36-year-old author confessed she lied about the name of her victim, Dalia, and the time, location and manner of her death in a barbaric honour killing in her native Jordan in 1996 - all of which formed the basis of Khouri's now-denounced 211-page non-fiction book that she dedicated to her childhood friend.

But the disgraced author dismissed her rampant deception with a laugh even though she failed one of two lie detector tests undertaken for a new documentary, Forbidden Lie$.

"To the public, I told the first lie, didn't I?" a defiant Khouri says with a laugh, referring to her book and its depiction of her childhood friend who was purportedly stabbed to death by her father. "I lied for a reason."

Do you think that reason was money?

Anyhow, I find this interesting because I had a section dedicated to Norma Khouri in 26Lies. As frauds go, Khouri was one that, really, could have been easily disproved by any editor and publisher taking on the book. A tiny amount of research would have revealed that unisex saloons were illegal at the time, for example. Even more, there was something like seventy six factual errors relating to Jordan, or something like that, and I don't think it would have been hard for someone native to the area to point them out. The interesting thing about Khouri was, that the more I learnt about, the more I realised that it was the kind of nasty literary hoax that prayed on racism and fear--a 21st Century Fake. And one that could only be played on a Western audience. I'll be interested to see what the doco is like.


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