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Kathy Acker

the late kathy acker has had two of her early, unpublished novels brought into print with Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective and the Burning Bombing of America: the Destruction of the U.S. which is two books, but available as one.

it is, in a way, a shame to see two early and unpublished books bought out, but the shame is mixed with the fact that i adore acker's Empire of the Senseless and Great Expectations. subversive and punk, is probably one way to describe them. i own most of her books, and i've been reading them slowly since her death in 1997, because, well, there won't be anymore. (beyond, perhaps, more unpublished things which will continue to be a mixed blessing as they often are.)

acker isn't for everyone, and not everything she wrote works or is fantastic, but she was always interesting.
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