Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
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Saints and Madmen

you know what impresses me about the weekend protests? the way that howard and bush and blair have all said, 'yep, in a democracy, you're all able to do that. doesn't change a thing, however.'

good to see the leaders being democratic. just lovely.

i think most of them are missing the point that no one really cares about saddam. i mean, he's obviously not a wonderful guy. what they're protesting is that nothing has been shown to support war, and that people do not want a war for no particularly good reason. you gotta make it look like you're really making the world safe. like WWII for example.

(and i hate Saving Private Ryan for being a film that says that, and becoming a pro war film. in a funny story, when i was working in a cinema, a little girl came up to me (she must have been eight) and asked if this film was okay for her to see. her parents were in the background, somewhere. anyhow, the film is not really for eight year olds, and i said that, and also said, 'besides, it's a nasty right wing, pro war film, and your parents don't want to take you to that.'

'pro war?' she repeated. 'right wing?'

'yes,' i said nicely. 'Saving Private Ryan is a right wing, pro war film. can you remember that for mummy and daddy?')

in other news, i've been reading jeff vandermeer's collection City of Saints and Madmen. it's been put out by prime books at and is really a fine, interesting book. so far it's doing what most collections don't, and that's mesh together as one. there is a feeling with it that it should be read from beginning to end, rather than with flipping, and the cover of the book is actually another short story that, reportedly, unlocks other ways to look at the stories within. you can, of course, but i find it works better as a linear introduction to the city that holds the book together. (if that makes sense.)

there is a sense of ambition around the whole book, and i'm not sure if it succeeds or not at the moment. but that sense of ambition and energy that the book has is something rare in the fantasy genre, and if people are tired of the same old stuff that include books that are supposedly written for adults but feel like young adult novels, then you could do a lot worse than checking out City of Saints and Madmen.

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