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Sydney, at the start of 2007:

The fireworks of Sydney have become, I found out last night, quite the tourist draw card. I spent my evening surrounded by people from Norway, Vietnam, Japan, France, Britain, and Ireland. There were probably more. In fact, I am sure of it. They shut down parts of the harbour as each section filled with an ugly sea of people. Some folk had even bought along miniature tents to wear away the day in. My friends had come through at midday, reportedly, on a line that stretched out for two hours to find their spot, which was a nice spot, but maybe a little too much work for two shows of fifteen minute fireworks, if you want my opinion (i spent ten minutes in the line and thought that was too long). However, another of my friends messaged me at eleven in the evening, on the train, and heading in to watch things go bang, and I wished her luck. Some families left after the nine o'clock session, but it was still packed in that ugly people kind of way. It was worse than the 2000 celebration which, I might add, was the last time I went into the city to watch the fireworks. That night I stood near the bridge and left covered in ash.

Still, a couple of minutes after the fireworks, a cute Scottish girl came up to me and asked for a light. I did, and afterward, she gave me a hug and called me her angel. Could you disagree with a year that starts that way?

I've decided no.

Welcome to 2007.


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Jan. 1st, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
Neat photos. Makes the fireworks look more exciting than they did on telly. I thought they were quite dull, even viewed on our million cm plasma screen. Or maybe the dull bit was all those reality tv scrags falling all over the commentary.

At least there *were* fireworks though. Apparently they didn't even set them off in Wollongong cos not enough people turned up to watch. I certainly wasn't gonna get off the couch for it.
Jan. 1st, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
yeah, i thought they came out alright, too. who says pointing and clicking don't work?

fireworks never look cool on tv. they barely look cool when you get to see them. i think you need a group of people for it.
Jan. 1st, 2007 03:54 am (UTC)
i expect you're probably right
Jan. 1st, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)
i was at blues point and it seemed like the whole united kingdom was there. and then some
Jan. 1st, 2007 08:07 am (UTC)
i was at mrs macquaries chair, surrounded by japanese people. once again, i wished i spoke the language.
Jan. 1st, 2007 08:12 am (UTC)
damn, i would've swapped ya
Jan. 1st, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
haha. no way. cute japanese girls always win.
Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:08 am (UTC)
I should be wary of you visiting my school then.
Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:11 am (UTC)
why, you going to give me a job? i could do with one of them AND a cute japanese girl, thanks

Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:24 am (UTC)
i see you have the..."enthusiasm" for the job.

see you there at 8:30am then.
Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
well, that was easy.
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:11 am (UTC)
happy new year to you too, dear. not long till you flee!
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