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well, here's something of interest. steven grant is a writer who has a column over at comicbook resources called 'permanent damage' which updates every Wednesday. perhaps the most interesting thing about it is when he talks about things other than comics, and he writes this:

"Just turned on the TV and it turns out, as I write this, that Colin Powell just announced to the world that Arab radio station Al-Jazeera was about to play an audio tape from Osama Bin Laden – before Al-Jazeera knew the tape even existed. The BBC has, interestingly, removed Al-Jazeera’s denial of any knowledge from their website. Also interestingly, the tape seems to have generated from Birmingham England. What on earth is going on here?"

isn't that interesting? i post that because, well, the bin laden tape seemed a touch convenient to me, but also, they were allowing his voice over the air. now, correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't media outlets agree to not play audio in case it was a coded message to his followers out there?

anyhow. i just thought that was interesting. grant has some other interesting things to add as well.
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