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An Opinion Isn't Suppose to be Hidden

Sometimes I think you hate being Australian. Sometimes I think you love it. In any case, you don't seem uncomfortable confronting issues of Australian-ness. Why is that?

I hate patriotism. To me, being a patriot is just a step away from racism, and is, in fact, a form of bigotry. I'm sure that'll cause a few blinks of the eye, but that's my opinion, and I'm good with it. It does not mean, however, that I think you should hate your country, or actively undermine it, but rather the idea that you'd get up and wave a flag and love your country and that you'd actively try to stop other cultures coming into it and influencing the social makeup... well, that shit is just alien to me, and it seems to me that in the name of being Australian, or defending Australian values, or defining them, a lot of wrong gets done, and a lot of people are discriminated against. However, that doesn't mean I hate the country. I love my city--and the country is just a fine place, overall. It has been a fine and wonderful place to live, and I'm certainly aware of places that are a lot worse, and with a lot less freedom, prosperity, and the such.

The problem is that Australia isn't perfect, much like every other country, and indeed, much like the world. To close your eyes to those facts is just as good as saying your fine with them existing.

So I speak my mind, and the truth is, sometimes what I see around me pisses me off, and sometimes it doesn't.

(This is part of the Ask Me A Question, Get An Answer thing I'm doing on this blog. Anything goes. If it makes it till Friday, it'll end then.)

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