Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Hannibal Rising, the Short Version

Thomas Harris' Hannibal Rising in five hundred words or less:

"We have reached that random point in the plot where I need to introduce some looted art treasures," said Popil. "So I need your help tracking down your family's long-lost Leonardos and Titians."

"Ah, good," laughed Hannibal. "I expect the looters are the same people who killed my family. That will give me an excuse to go to Lithuania and kill a few of them in graphic detail."

"I know you executed those people and ate some of their flesh," Popil snarled, "but I can't prove it."

"Oh Noh, Hannibal," sobbed Lady Murasaki, undoing her gown and exposing her nakedness. "You can take me if you renounce your course of violence."

Prequels: show me a good one.
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