Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Year in Review Meme (Or, I Can't Believe the Last Gig I Went to was in October)


It's 2006. Say hi.


On my teaching evaluation forms, which I read today, one student wrote that I was conceptually brilliant.


So, it appears my decision to withdraw my Atheling nomination has met with some resistance, which I didn't expect. I kind of like the decisions that relate to me to be respected, as I am this adult of mild intelligence who lives in a democracy, but I guess that argument slices both ways.


I think I'm going to start a band called Hemingway's Rifle and pitch a short story collection called That Was Hemingway's Suicide, Not Mine.


I just walked past the television, and some old guy was saying, "Polls clearly show that Australians trust John Howard in the matter of National Security."


Today it hit me: I don't really enjoy bookstores anymore.


Have you ever been searched by the cops?


I find this interesting because it touches on things I'm thinking as I write Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth.


You can now pre-order Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth for $14.95 on the Wheatland Press site.


Went and saw the Drones last night at the Gaelic Club, which is a venue I do not like.


I had poisoned apples, but no children. No one loves Halloween here.


Here's some things about my fiction from around the 'net.

(The meme works like so: Go back in your journal and take the first sentence from your first post on the first day of the month (or closest to) for all 12 months of 2006.)

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