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Last Pimp of the Year

This morning showed itself with a box of books from Deborah Layne (deborahlive): Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth and Polyphony Six, as is obvious from the photo. I was especially pleased with the latter, since I've been moving slowly through volumes three and five, and it's good stuff. I've especially liked the Sally Carteret pieces, 'Nine Electric Flowers' and 'Handsome Winsome Johnny', and which both feature the aging musician Julie Banks, so go and get, y'know? Anyhow: my piece 'theleeharveyoswaldband' is in volume six.

The last month or so has been a kind of intense pimp my shit kind of time, which, you know, is the downside of not having a publicity machine behind me and millions of dollars. Work what you got is the motto to sell books and I've got a blog and that's it, really, so this place runs the risk of becoming pimp central. Still, I'm getting a little sick of my pimp voice on this blog so this is the last one for the year. I'll link reviews and whatever else of interest that comes my way, but for the rest of the year I think I'll take the blog back to having some actual content, and not being about me and my work all the time. There's a limit and I, personally, feel like I've done it.

This, then, is the last pimp for 2006. Think of it as the Xmas edition, since reading is sexy.

So are girls with glasses.

One book, two novelettes, and five short stories. Seventy-eight thousand words, give or take.

It was a nice year, fiction wise.
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