Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
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Check it: Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth picked up a review on Amazon:

We don't always know when Peek is lying and when he's telling the truth in this A-Z format. But a narrative lurks--pay close attention. There is a dodge and weave going on that will reward the patient reader. A black-edged humor also laces the book (if the "C" word for an area of women's anatomy offends you, go ahead and buy the book, just skip the "C" portion and move on to "D".).

Four stars and happiness. Show the love.

Word of mouth is what I want to cultivate for this book. I've no idea if Amazon user reviews can contribute, but hey, got to start somewhere. You disagree, you agree, you got something to say about the book, speak up.
Tags: review, twentysixlies/onetruth
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