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The Aldi Observation

I went to Aldi for the first time the other day.

Aldi, for those of you who have never heard of it, is a discount supermarket that came out of Germany. It's discount because the store has done away with the unnecessary things such as, y'know, shelves and staff. Instead, it runs on a skeleton staff, and the items inside are dragged out on the pallets that they arrive on and then pushed into the 'isle' and left there. Aldi doesn't have a lot of variety--a lot of brands aren't carried by it, and they have knock off Mars bars and the such--but you can buy things like household items, dog food, buckets, and the like. All your household needs. There's a line of freezers on the side for things such as ice cream, and meat products are slapped into what appears to be a fridge area, but basically the boxes that meat comes in have just been cut open and the food stashed in a cool area. It's pretty ugly, but you're looking at a couple of bucks off everything in the store, compared to what you'd pay for in a store with, like, shelves.

Overall, I saw three guys working in Aldi. There was a guy on the cash register and another two guys in the store, dragging pallets out. That was it.

Next door was a Coles, and on the three or four cash lanes in operation, there were women. The store was clean. I could see women moving around the store, fixing shelves and whatnot. There were a few guys, too. Young, mostly. The Coles was very ordered. It had shelves. It looked quite inviting, from a go in and shop in a supermarket point of view. But what struck me most was that there were women and men in Coles and they were all uniformed up and putting on happy faces; and that there were three guys working in the Aldi and, well, it looked exactly like the kind of supermarket that three guys would run. Especially three guys who didn't give shit about their jobs.

Three guys just like me.

Well, the thought made me laugh, anyway.
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