Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Campaign of Hate

Over on the Talking Squid, I am writing about how much I hate myself and why you should buy Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth. It was simply too unseemly to do it here.

You may have noticed, in fact, that there is a bit of hate beginning to form. Some people, they want love. Some people, they want balloons. Me, I'm happy with hate.

You've got to love some of these pieces, so check them out:

There'll be more.

Want to take part? It's simple: Title your post 'I Love to Hate Ben Peek', and let yourself go. Just drop a link to the book in at the bottom, like so:

Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, written by Ben Peek, illustrated by Anna Brown, and a cover by Andrew Macrae. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from Wheatland Press.

(EDIT: As more hate comes in, I'll add it to the list. So check back every now and then.)
Tags: twentysixlies/onetruth
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