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Wildcats Version 3.0

i've been reading comics for about seven or eight years now, give or take. shortly after i began reading (or perhaps at the same time) i found a comic called WildC.A.T.S which has now, thankfully, become Wildcats. i can't honestly say that those first issues of jim lee art and poor writing were good, but they were what my new comic mind enjoyed, and the comic has had a slow evolution to match my reading tastes.

at the moment it's written by joe casey, with art by dustin nguyen and richard friend. i suppose the full title of it is Wildcats Version 3.0, which is actually not so bad. gone are the superheroics, the characters turned into more realistic versions of their earlier incarnations, with the android character having now inherited a massive multi billion dollar company that he plans to make the world a better place with. it's a slightly unsettling version of globalisation being presented there, and it's not being shown as something that will end with a happy world. at least that's how it's reading to me, five issues in.

this is a neat little comic, for people who read them. it's got its action, mostly well done (there was a glitch in one issue where a woman who had been shot in the head actually popped back up in the next issue), and the characterisation is deft, if at times a two dimensional. for example: cole cash is the gunman, the muscle who deals with things by shooting them; jack marlowe is the android who, with a slightly less that human way of examining things, wants to make the world a better place, but is cold and unreceptive to it; and mister wax is the shadowy mind controller working both sides of the fence, or so it occasionally seems. the dialogue is nothing overly special, but it's not bad either, and each character has his or her own voice. the art, likewise, is good with a few reservations: the story is conveyed well, and is easy to read, while at times the background is a bit sparse--it suits nguyen's style and the atmosphere of the comic, but occasionally it feels like a short cut for time. occasionally it looks a bit cartoonish, which doesn't help the atmosphere, but it could be taste.

(it should go with saying that i am more critical of writing than art, due to the fact that this is where i come from.)

there is a strong use of moral ambiguity building in the comic, and its use of a multi billion dollar company to 'make the world better' is, as i said, slightly unsettling. there are, thankfully, no major villains as yet. hopefully casey will resist from doing so. (i would like to say that i have faith in him for that, but the previous series had a turncoat villain, and some of his other comic work has been a villain stupid upon occasion.) but anyhow, at five issues in, wildcats is emerging as something interesting, something worth trying.

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