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Is this one too easy?

Hey, Ben [Payne], does that include me? C'mon give me a pat on the head. I promise to be a good doggy. Ruff, ruff. Here's what I've done in terms of the editorial grind:

Edited the first CSFG anthology Nor of Human

Consulting and structural editor on K J Bishop's The Etched City. Trent Jamieson was also involved once we got it accepted by Prime.

Consulting editor and copy editor on Lee Battersby's Through Soft Air.

Consulting editor on Paul Haine's The Doorways of the Dispossessed.

Copy editor on Trent Jamieson's Reserved for Side-Shows

Associate editor, copy editor, etc on The Devil in Brisbane, with Zoran Zivkovic

Co-editor on Fantastical Journeys, with Trent and Zoran Zivkovic.

I think I've probably read and editored more words than most editors in spec fic in Australia. But as you said, a lot of this type of work is invisible. Ruff, ruff. I'm a good dog really.

And in terms of editing no one should forget the amazing work that Trent Jamieson did on all those issues of Redsine, which although diffcult to get hold of in Australia promoted Australian writers overseas in the same way that much of the editorial work I've done has.

And while doing this certainly Trent and I haven't been shirkers in terms of keeping our own publication rate up for our stories.

You can do lots if you want to even without the good doggy pat on the head from the small pool that makes up the Australian spec fic scene.



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