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Polyphony Six.

Polyphony Six was released at World Fantasy, and it contains my piece 'theleeharveyoswaldband'. Anyhow, Deborah Layne (deborahlive) just received the latest Locus and there are two reviews of the anthology there, by Rich Horton and Nick Gevers respectively, and who say:

"Overall this is one of the best outings for Polyphony -- perhaps the best. The range extends from Lovecraftian horror to planetary romance (of a sort) to mainstream. The moods range from funny to bittersweet to sharp-edged clever. And nearly every story is at least decent -- the percentage of duds is quite low. Very well worth a look."


"Wheatland Press's Polyphony anthology series has reached its sixth iteration and, as usual, its slipstream agenda provokes its contributors to fine prose and bizarre yet intensely human angles of vision...Polyphony is now firmly established as the defining publication at the literary end of the fantastic spectrum."

In other words, Polyphony Six is cool and you should buy it.

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