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Genital Torture!

"Say goodbye to it, Bond."

At page 110, the villain of Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, a Russian called le Chiffre, begins torturing Bond's genitals. It's fantastic. I laughed all the way through. The last minute save is nicely done, if for no other reason than it continues the trend of painting Bond as someone without any real control or power over the situations he finds himself in. There's a real palpable sense there and then that Bond is fallible and fragile. The remaining sixty pages never really match that moment, though Bond's concern about if he'll be ever able to fuck again, and it being part of his reason for pursuing the girl, is somewhat amusing.

The next book is Live and Let Die. Wonder if I'll go it?


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 7th, 2006 02:38 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 7th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)

if you need any proof, that quote at the top comes from the end of the chapter, right before the smerch dude saves him.
Nov. 7th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
My mother remembered passing Casino Royale around at high school when it first came out.

guess which pages the book fell open at?
Nov. 7th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
if genital torture isn't in the film, i'm going to be so burned.
Nov. 7th, 2006 12:51 pm (UTC)
Nov. 7th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
this is my favourite line from that:

"by the next scene, like the Bonds of old, he is recuperating by the Italian lakes, his tenderized tackle magically restored."

heh. but you know, it kinda makes me want to see the film. not sure about this 'prequel' bond with judi dench, tho.
Nov. 7th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
You can't miss the Live and Let Die experience! Yes, the racism is truly horrendous, but Bond goes undercover as an American, hitting the night club scene of Harlem. This is the description of Bond which is the defining one for me, and it comes from that book: "The thick comma of black hair above his right eyebrow has lost some of it's tail...Nothing could be done about the thin vertical scar down his right cheek...the coldness and hint of anger in his grey-blue eyes."
Nov. 7th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
...the club scene of harlem? oh, that is tempting.
Nov. 7th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC)
....and voodoo.
Nov. 7th, 2006 05:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, go it! And try Dr No as well, where Bond fights a giant octopus (I'm not making that up). Actually, Bond gets pretty badly hurt in that book too.
Nov. 7th, 2006 01:35 pm (UTC)
...i don't know if whate veryone is telling me makes me want to read the books, or not. i just can't decide.
Nov. 7th, 2006 08:27 am (UTC)
Live and Let Die has got voodoo in it!
Nov. 7th, 2006 01:35 pm (UTC)
so i'm told. i just don't know--one book was funny, but more?
Nov. 7th, 2006 03:06 pm (UTC)
you should read em *all* - even the fake ones written by other ppl in which james falls for felix leiter's daughter...
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