Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Black Sheep

And here is the cover to Black Sheep. Ten bucks on Amazon.

The book won't be out until early next year, I imagine, which is, yes, a long time to wait for those of you who already pre-ordered it. I've got no influence on the speed of a book coming out, however, and once it got put onto a print run, that knocked it back even more. But it'll be out, I assure you. Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) tells me pre-orders are good for a nobody like me, too, and that helps the birth of it.

I like this cover: it suits the book really well and I especially like the whiteness of it. I'm not so sure about the yellow strip at the top, though.

(Both my books are white. You reckon there's some kind of statement going on there? I hope so. I like that they mirror each other a bit.)
Tags: blacksheep
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