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The Return of Geoff Maloney

It took Geoff Maloney just five hours after my return post to come to my blog and prove, once again, what an idiot he is. It's impressive, in the way that stupidity demonstrates the total lack of common sense that everyone else possesses and uses every day. I read that Geoff believes that he's challenging my world view, but really, it's just coming off as pathetic, so much so that I can't even use the I Hate Ben Peek Badge:

Ben, going back a few blog posts you said that all new writers needed to do was access markets through I'm glad that you have been able to use the information that Ralan offers to get published in the US market. You're obviously doing very well now in the US market, (you've been telling us about it) and you say it is all through accessing Given that he's been part of your success I wonder if you have ever thought about donating some money to the guy's website? It would be in keeping with your principles if yoy did,.


Geofrey Maloney

Yes, he did misspell his name.
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