Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Cowboy Bebop.

saw my first episode of Cowboy Bebop. it's a neat little science fiction anime, with a fine inclusion of jazz music that sets the tone for the episode well. i actually prefer anime science fiction to science fiction movies and serials because they tend to look better, and have a smoother world to follow. i find that often things just don't gel in genre tv or movies, and it makes it hard to get into it. anime doesn't have this problem, at least to me. but that's just a small aside, and i have a rather large dislike for anything that resembles Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the host of others. (though i do enjoy the star wars films.) i've been giving Buffy the Vampire Slayer a fair go while i've been doing nothing throughout my break (lacking money to do much it comes as a reasonable diversion, though i've been told it's not socially acceptable) but it has amazing moments of stupidity such as knights attacking a van, and characters that are dumb and or weak if the plot requires them to be. in short, it's sapping my patience, and i haven't even began on the innocuous bunch of characters that make up the show. (that said, i liked the musical episode. but it's the only one i've enjoyed fully.) i should end my buffy hassling, but i have one more thing that's been kind of bothering me about the show: it's amazingly white. this in itself would not be a problem, if half the threats that the characters faced were in fact not from different cultures. placed in a certain context, it could be claimed that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a xenophobic heart beating inside its chest, with the all american girl kicking ass and taking foreigner names.

just a thought, that.

anyhow, Cowboy Bebop, based off one episode, appears good. the problem with the first episode is that the two bounty hunters of the series were really needed for the story to resolve itself, and it could have easily (and perhaps with a better edge) been told from the point of view of the woman. (whose name i can't remember.) but be as it may, it's a slick, groovy, cool serial, and the first episode arrives with promise. guess i just have to wait to see if it delivers.

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