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quote: 'what one sees when one looks at geographies is stubbornly simultaneous, but language dictates that a sequential succession, a linear flow of sentential statements bound by the most spatial of earthly constraints, the impossibility of two objects (or words) occupying the same precise place (as on a page).'

wouldn't it be neat if you could come up with something that didn't have a sequence to it like this. i have no idea if it is possible. i imagine that only a single photograph would be able to tell this, or a collage, perhaps?

impossible, perhaps, for prose. mixed prose? a comic? no. to tell a narrative you've got to have a sequential narrative, something that builds rather than is everything in mental barrage.

to form a story, narrative is built upon introducing elements. it follows a pattern, doesn't it? even work without a traditional narrative is following something. it just doesn't exist, and a written description, even, follows its own pattern. no. the issue is too much. even a sentence has a structure, a pattern. remove that pattern and you might have something like 'wallbrickroadskyskyskywhitecouldroadcarcarpersonsmokerdogfruit' but even that follows something, is sequential because you can't place the words over each other. but if you could? wouldn't make sense, yes?

this is probably not worth thinking about. it seems pretty obvious, but the quote is interesting. it's from edward soja's Postmodern Geographies.

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