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I watched a bit of Rome the other night. I say a bit, because, after about half an hour of it, I just got bored and switched it off.

It was just bad. Everything about Rome circled the whole Hercules and Xena styled show of Ye-Old-Stupidity-That-Is-Camp, except that there was a bit more money in the set design and costume of Rome, and everyone seemed unaware that riding round as Romans with American accents is just downright stupid (apparently they're British, and I can't pick an accent to save my life, heh.). Sure, it looked nice, and it did have one neat little scene where a guy gets the back of his head replaced with a piece of metal, after being attacked. Even this, though, was fairly suspect, since a few days later (or so it seems), he's back up, looking like nothing happened, and cutting the throats of men in an angry mob.

I don't know--maybe it's just me, but if you're going to have a surgeon cut into the back of your head, you should at least portray this as a major event. Since it's a HBO show, comparisons to Deadwood are inevitable for me, and here I'd like to draw your attention to the way the show has injuries slowly heal, and how the latter show manages to take one of the major characters out with a case of gallstones. But I don't even need to go to Deadwood--I can go to any show with a bit of thought in it to show how they wouldn't do what Rome did.

I really can't comment a lot on the show, since I only watched thirty minutes of it, including commercials, and maybe I'm being unjust in my opinion, but who cares? Certainly not me. What lingers with me from Rome is this sense of slowly rising badness, like the hint of decay, coming from beneath the floorboards. Soon, that smell will overpower everything.
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